The Investigation Begins

By the time Katie woke up one rainy Tuesday morning, Kiera had already left for work at the Strangerville military base. Katie threw out a pile of shed fur that Fluffy (living up to her name) had left by the side of Katie’s bed. Then Katie washed her hands and grabbed a bowl of leftover […]

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Another Odd Occurrence

It was a cold winter night in San Myshuno. Ray Quasar happened to glance out the window of his brownstone apartment and spied a group of eerie lights floating over the snowy sidewalk. “Why in the world…?” he muttered to himself as he headed to the elevator and went outside to investigate. Once Ray was […]

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A Mysterious Annoyance

Estelle Mars had just returned to her beloved boyfriend Zack Willoughby’s house in Oasis Springs from a long, hard shift of doing secret agent stuff (as in, the boring paperwork part, nothing remotely near worthy of an action movie at all). She figured that Zack had probably already left for work by this point, which […]

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Bonus: Weird or Cute?

This doesn’t have much of anything to do with the main focus of Katie’s story, but here’s an extra bonus screenshot of L’sanya and Simon caring for their babies. Even though one of said babies is actually Simon’s from an alien abduction. Not sure whether odd or adorable. Maybe both.

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The Forbidden Fruit

Several days had passed since Ace leaked sensitive information about the existence of intelligent extraterrestrial life, causing an uproar at SpaceY. While Katie firmly believed he had gotten what he deserved — or, rather, considering the punishments Mr. Hayward had threatened to dish out at the time, Ace had probably managed to talk his way […]

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An Ace Up His Sleeve

It started out as a normal day of work for Katie. However, several hours into her routine training, all of SpaceY went into an uproar! All the staff were running around gathering up loose files to lock away in secure cabinets — not that anyone ever just left classified documents lying around, but all of […]

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Odd Goings-On

It was another day off for both Katie and Kiera, which as usual, meant that both roommates went to the Mirage Wellness Center in Oasis Springs to work out. They went for the normal routine — an energizing yoga class, followed by a nice long run on the treadmill for Kiera and an attempt at […]

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Out to Launch

It was Saturday morning, which meant that neither Katie nor Kiera had to work, which meant that they both headed to the Mirage Wellness Center together. Katie introduced Kiera to her usual workout routine, starting with some energizing yoga (which, as usual, involved an instance of Katie trying too hard to get into a difficult […]

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To the Stars!

After what felt like ages of taking tests and doing spaceflight simulations, the day had finally arrived for Katie to shadow a real astronaut on a real mission! Technically, she was still a cadet, but she had been deemed proficient enough to be able to begin the practical experience part of her training. She was […]

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A Lot on Katie’s Plate

The next day came and went uneventfully, and Katie had the day after off, which provided another opportunity to investigate around Strangerville while Kiera was away working at the military base. A little walk around town brought her into the path of one of the local scientists, who tended to be easily identifiable because they […]

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